Schools of production - a different way of learning

In Denmark you find around 100 schools of production.
The schools are open to youth under the age of 25, who have not yet fullfilled a youth education or find it difficult to see a way forward in further education or job.

Through the last 25 years the schools of production have offered a different type of education compared to the rest af the educational system.
The center of every school is the workshop. Experience shows that the young learn through practical work co-operating with a teacher, who as a rule is a skilled craftsman.

In this way learning arises from the shared practise, where pupils learn from each other. As they learn they are taugth to learn. And the schools in this way function as an alternative to the traditional system of education, where bookish training is the rule.

The schools of production have a wide range of workshops at their disposal ranging from traditional workshops of carpentry or metalwork to media workshops and theatre workshops.
In the workshops the pupils are confronted with a necessity of working discipline, as the production result in commodities.

The schools of production do not practise examinations.
As a rule participation of pupils is limited to one year, and the purpose of their stay is to clarify their future choises of either job or education.
Every pupil attending the schools is offered individual guidance on a day to day basis as a support in their efforts of clarification.

The Danish schools of production are independent institutions funded by municipalities and state. In their unike situation within the educational system they manage an educational, as well as a social and an employment creating task in preparing socially strained youth for future jobs and education.

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